Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Mason’s Mild 3.6%abv

I have a new batch of Mason’s Mild on tap. I have re jigged the recipe and it now is much lighter in colour than it was. The patent malt was giving it a roasty edge that was abit astringent and was reducing its drinkability. The new version reminds me a bit of Banks Original which I have had from the can and rather liked. There’s a bit of diacetyl which hopefully I will keep out of the next batch. Then it will be perfect. Interesting to see it topped the mild tasting in the recent issue of Camra’s Beer magazine. Mason’s will be joined on the bar tonight by the last of Yeastie Boys Kid Chocolate.

Above is the draft design of the Mason’s Mild pump clip Dave has designed for me, they will soon be professionally pressed into real pump clips. Very exciting, yes I’m a nerd.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Audits Progress

A fortnight after brew day I have run Alfred’s Audit Ale from its two fermentors into a secondary vessel where it will slumber in the cellar for a month or two before bottling. I’m not going to give it the full 8 months in secondary that the Merchant gets as having one keg tied up for that long is hard enough!

I took a gravity reading and the ale currently is sitting at 10.5%abv, I don’t think there will be any need to prime the bottles as there are still a lot of sugars left.

Its tasting clean, incredibly malty and sweet with a firm bitterness and some hop aroma and flavour. The hops will come out as it leans up.