Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Death in the family

So while I was away from the bloggersphere something deeply sad happened. Heroic brewer O’Hanlon’s came a cropper and decided to throw their most beautiful child to the sharks! What am I going on about? Devonshire Micro O’Hanlon’s have decided they had to give up the contract to produce Thomas Hardy’s Ale. Unfortunately for me this is one of my all time favourite beers. There have been un-encouraging noises coming from the English brewing community in regard to someone else taking up the contract, so now it looks like the classic English Barley Wine will be produced in the states. In my new role I was able to check how much was left in the country and secure some supplies for Regionals, I’m also looking to get a case or two my self to add to the 18 I already have in the cellar.

Geoff has written about it here and I have written about it here

I'm Back

I’m not dead. I have just been hell busy. To busy to blog almost to busy to brew. The new job is awesome , there has been a lot to do. Still hopefully this marks the return to my blogging career.