Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Thursday Drinks

On the Thursday before Christmas we generally tie a few on at the bar in my house. While the ritual of Thursday night drinks usually attracts a varied and revolving cast of ladies and miscreants the Christmas edition tends to get friends who wouldn’t usually come along.

This year due to some of the events of the last couple of months I had no draft beer ready so everyone brought along ‘riggers’ (plastic containers) of Emerson’s Bookbinder along which were then poured into a keg and served through a beer engine. The communal ‘people built’ keg appealed to my lefty nature.

For the toast I pulled out a 2006 bottle of Emerson’s Taieri George, a 6.2%abv spiced ale that’s released for Easter each year and is often described as tasting like liquid hot cross buns, it could equally be described as tasting like Christmas cake. With a year and a bit of bottle age on, the spices had mellowed and blended perfectly, a fantastic tipple for Christmas.


Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

and before anyone says anything, yes that chap is drinking Tui, he is in the Navy so you you have to make allowances.

Matt said...

Looks like a good time.
You have 3 beer engines? Impressive. Now if you could only get some beer for the pulls!

yalnikim said...

Good to see Adam back in his usual seat, after a few weeks working hard for SOBA.

I was drinking 2006 Taieri George and Bourbon Porter the following night, along with all sorts of other oddities (EKU28, Samichlaus, Moa Harvest, to name a few). It astounded me how much both of the Emerson's beers had mellowed, just in the couple of months since last drinking them.

Love the "people-built" keg.