Saturday, January 19, 2008

Summer Ales Festival Announcement

Each year I celebrate my favourite season, winter, with a winter solstice knees up. Last year I developed the concept a little further and ran a winter ales festival where myself and other local home brewers provided kegs of beer and the masses flooded into my bar to enjoy a range of old ales, porters, stouts and even a draught imperial stout. I have been inspired to run summer ales festival so on Saturday the 08 of march I will be putting on the Valley Summer Ales Fest. As the summer seems to have got away on me a little it will be more of a late summer ales festival with a few autumn styles thrown in for good measure. Any readers of this blog who will be in Wellington on the 08th of March are welcome to come along, either to present their beer or to simply sample what is on offer. Cheers.


Kempicus said...

I don't currently keg my beer so will be empty handed but i'd love to come around for a beer and a chat!

Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

most welcome sir, most welcome.