Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Tyranny of Democracy

The late John Peel once recounted how he felt like a stranger in his own county as he heard the returning officers announce Thatcher’s election victory, I can relate. After 9 years of imperfect yet on the whole positive governance the nation has turned it’s self over to a self serving millionaire, backed by new right nutters and socially conservative rednecks, a nasty brutish little government. I can only hope their tenure is short. Riggers? I think I need whiskey.


Anonymous said...

How does one set up a hearty dictatorship these days in a country like this? I think i've got what it takes to be 'your friendly dictator' and i reckon i could fix a lot of problems! ;0)


yalnikim said...

I get the feeling that this is New Labour, Kieran. Only time will tell - and not a lot will change for you and I right now that is not something to do with the push and pull of greater forces than our government.
If nothing else, this has been one of the better run election campaigns I've ever seen. National were slick, and have been more so over the last week or two. The only thing they could have done slicker was to get the Greens on board too - that would have given them two terms at least.

Peter Dunne will retire at the end of this term and that will be the end of the morality police (for now).

Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

Yep, It was heartening to see Dunne be given a run for his money in Belmont, it also seems to be positive that Key is gaining support from the Maori party to dilute ACT's influence.
Hopefully little will change and hopefully they wont get a second term as if cocktail party conversations are anything to go by that's when the asset sales will start.

Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

Hows the conical going kempicus?

Anonymous said...

It's a great piece of kit! Haven't used it yet though i'm not set up for it. Stu's brewing an Imp Stout at the moment that sounds lovely! Still looking forward to reading your post about German beer?