Sunday, March 15, 2009

Autumn Ales Fest

I havent got time to do a nice poster so here goes ...

Autumn Ales Festival

When ? Sat 28th 3pm on
Where ? Private Ale House 381 Ohiro Rd Brooklyn Wellington
What? Beers from some of Wellingtons best homebrewers including the
Golden Ale Challange entrys.

All Welcome, koha for food appreciated.


Stu said...

Family first for me (not the party, bunch of bampot fuckheads)... Didn't get around to a Golden Ale, and I can only come late and can't stay long, but I will bring almost all of the rest of my Imperial PKB (might save a 750ml for myself). 10% and 510g of hops in 24L. I hope that makes amends a little.


Ed said...

you going to do the Earth Hour thing at 8.30 during the festival Kieran? got some oil lamps or candles or whatnot organised?