Thursday, August 6, 2009

Weekend Escape

One of the fantastic things about my new job is that I can have time off with Sarah. At Moores when one of us was away the other pretty much had to be there, a naff situation. Now we can have weekends away and shock horror, when we can afford it, actually get over to the UK. This weekend is Sarah’s Birthday so we will be off to Waikanae for the weekend. Last year we managed to get away midweek to the Wassail Brauhaus in Taranaki, we intended to go back this year but times are tough and we decided we couldn’t afford it. So this weekend it will be good beer, good cider, good cheese, good simple food, chilly dog walks, and warm fires. I cant wait!

The pictures are from a weekend we booked just after I started at Regionals. The beer was Sussex Old Ale , a low gravity old ale I brewed especially for Sarah.


Steve Baker said...

mmm, chilly dog

Greig McGill said...

The simple ones are the best! Times that is, not people. ;)

Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

Apart from 2 bottles of 08 Merchant I'm taking bought beer this time. 2.5litres of Emersons M'Lord Mild 2.5litres of Founders Fair Maiden, 2litres of Threeboys Oyster Stout and 1.25litres of Epic Armageddon. Plus a bottle of cider from brittony and a little bottle of gin. should see us right through to Tuesday when we come back!