Tuesday, October 20, 2009

30 looming

I turn 30 early next month. Inspired by Alex’s gift to Greig and David Woods recent purchase I decided to (cheekily) arrange a 1979 bottle of Thomas Hardy’s Ale as a birthday gift from Sarah. I’m more than a little excited as Hardy’s Ale is one of my all time favourites and I have never had a bottle of Eldridge Pope brewed version let alone one that exceeds the much touted 25 year mark!

I’m currently organising a birthday party for mid November, it will consist of an Asian themed BBQ and Twisted HoHop bright beer on tap.

The 1979 Hardy’s is photographed on our brand new Indian made farmhouse style kitchen table, lovely.


Greig McGill said...

Nice, Kieran! That's two of us in a fairly exclusive little club now! ;)

Can't wait for the tasting notes.

Dave said...

I'm opening mine in November, will be interesting to compare tasting notes!

Martin and Keri said...

Really looking forward to your feedback on my bottled beers.
But that aside, for your birthday, would you like a pin of something? Dinner Ale, Old House ESB, Cathcarts NTA or Number 9? You choose, just pay the return frieght on the cask. I'll shout you the contents, tho' i doubt it'll be as good as yours....
Cheers, M

Anonymous said...

Gee, I wish I was 30 again.
Go for it Kieran!