Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pub Jukebox

Ok this is revolutionary stuff, after posting nothing since September now I’m going to deliver two on the same day as I’m laid up with a chest cold on a cold stormy Spring Monday. This one os vastly less serious than the one before.

So here I go jumping on the current beer blog band wagon. Firstly I would like to say that I am sceptical about pub juke boxes. I don’t trust my brother man and sister woman to select music that won’t put me off my pint that said this is all about my ultimate listing so I can certainly live with my own choices!

For me The Pogues exemplify everything that is exciting and appealing about setting out on a session with friends. Yes in reality the band (including Shane himself) ended up glamorising the hopeless alcoholism of MacGowan but the music is fantastic and booze soaked nature just seems right with a pint in your hand.

Hell yeah! The soundtrack to that single malt at the end of the night that you will regret tomorrow! Mr Waits is a musical genius, and stars in the best jukebox scene ever in jim jarmusch’s “Coffee and Cigarettes”

A stomping crooning solid catchy glorious crescendo of a song. I remember playing this at O-Street during Thursday Night drinks.

MacGowen meets Cave , beautiful.

Takes me back to a wonderful night at the Mean Fiddler in Nelson. Great drinking music and when you find an Irish pub that goes past the plastic paddy bollocks and captures something of the essence of a proper community boozer (and when you can find one with something better than the blackstuff to drink! ) it’s a very good thing.

Not exactly PC but pure genius and incredibly good. Yep another Cave track, hell why bother with the Juke Box let’s just put all his albums on the CD player on shuffle! (Ipod, what is that?)

I’m a sucker for a fiddle played right, and on this it’s played perfect.

I guess I am ‘meant’ to be embarrassed about liking blue grass but I’m not. I like Mild to. At least others in the pub might recognise this one from the movie.

Another film track. It’s always good to take in some salvation as you sin, I find it saves time that way.

The greatest rock band on earth, no question, and very much where my musical roots lie. I started out drinking beer to this and it still sends shivers down my spine. Classic.

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