Saturday, March 19, 2011

Return to the brewhouse

Well it has been awhile since I have done an actual blog post rather than just reproducing my Capital Times columns. A lot has been happening over the last few months. We have bought a piece of land, a bach and an imitation railway caboose sleep out up the coast at Waikanae which will hopefully at some point include a small cider orchard, but for now will make for a fantastic venue to drink beer. The decision has been made to brew R.S.B. again. This year my collaboration with Richard Emerson will be a 1200 litre batch and will again be an ESB with a few tweaks to the recipe. Last Sunday I brewed the home pilot batch. I invited photographer Jed Soane around to document the brew and in true sods law fashion managed to sleep through my 5.30am alarm call, something that never happens on brew days! And left him waiting on the doorstep for 20minutes. Regardless the brew day went well and the beer is currently cold conditioning.
I have also embarked on a new series of articles for SOBA’s Pursuit of Hoppyness. Following the end of my beer and cheese series I am now doing a series on beer styles beginning with some of the New Zealand styles that have developed before our eyes.
Hopefully it won’t be as long till the next blog! Cheers


Stu as "Stu" said...

welcome back to the saddle...

Phil said...

I think it's the early-morning alarm calls that will forever prevent me from being a Beer Nerd That Brews, rather than just the Regular Kind.

I think it'd freak out the neighbours and I'd have a visit from P-lab-expecting Police officers if my flatmate (who does brew, and well) and I ran a batch in the middle of the night, when I'm actually productive.