Thursday, September 15, 2011

CT Column 29/06/2011: Comings and goings

A few weeks ago I wrote about some of the new brewing operations that are opening in Wellington. It’s great to see these new people coming into the industry. A week later I received a phone call from Matt Duncan, the sixth generation brewer from Founders in Nelson. Matt had rung to give me a heads up that the brewery was now on the market. Founders have been operating in the historic Founders Park for over 11 years brewing a range of organic beers and continuing a family brewing tradition that started in 1843.
The sale has come after fifth generation brewer John Duncan and wife Carol made the decision to retire. Matt is keen to continue the family tradition and stay on as brewer if a new owner is open to the idea. If a new owner doesn’t require Matt’s services it will be the end of New Zealand’s oldest brewing dynasty. It’s not easy brewing characterful and varied beers from the limited and expensive range of organic ingredients vailable to organic brewers. It’s the equivalent of an artist using three shades of paint to create the same masterpieces that can be achieved with a full artist’s palette.
Founders have done a good job through the years and I hope a new owner is found.
As one chapter closes another opens. Taranaki based homebrew supplier Liberty Brewing has just moved into the brewing game. Liberty owner Joseph Wood has assembled a small brew plant and is now producing small runs of strong beers packaged in 750ml re-sealable wine bottles. My pick of the bunch would be the eccentrically named High Carb Ale which is a New Zealand strong ale that combines the newly planted NZ Chinock hop variety with floor malted English Golden Promise pale malt, and Belgian Special crystal malt. The beer is richly malty with an earthy hop character and a firm bitter finish. The name is a tongue and cheek dig at the current trend for ‘low carb-no flavour’ lagers that seems to be in vogue. For the record High Carb Ale contains 45g of carbohydrate per 750ml bottle and is all the better for it!
Also out on the taps at present is a collaboration brew between Liberty Brewing and established Taranaki brewer, mikes. Taranaki Pale Ale is a 7%abv hoppy IPA described recently on Hashigo Zake’s facebook page as being ‘catnip for hopheads’. Taranaki Pale Ale is sure to go down well with those who value flavour and don’t care about the carbs! Cheers.

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