Saturday, December 3, 2011

Podcast at the Mason's Arms

Back in September Sarah was in England seeing her family, I was knocking around the Mason's with Rosie for company brewing watching DVD's and subconsciously making mess that would later get me in trouble with the returning Mrs :-). One night however Rosie and myself were joined at the bar by Phil and George from the excellent Beer Diary blog. The result was a podcast which hopefully people find entertaining. It's probibly the first time I have heard my voice recorded and not cringed, either my accent is improving or my maturing years are causing me to be happy in my skin. Check it out here or direct mp3 download here.


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Greig said...

I really enjoyed this. Makes me realise just how long it is since I've propped up the bar at the Mason's! By the way, in the tradition of English pub nicknames, I dub yours "The Dog" (Dog and Compass - Mason's etc.). ;)

I know exactly what you mean about hating the sound of your own recorded voice. Like you, I used to get my muso on, but sadly, we couldn't retain a singer, and I was the only one not fast enough to dodge the mic... I listen to our stuff and cringe horribly now. Not just for the voice, true, but it's a large chunk!