Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Very Rare Beer

Yesterday was the last day of judging at BrewNZ and while the results are in nothing can be announced until the awards ceremony tonight. It was a fantastic few days, a great experience. At the end of judging yesterday David Cryer, major malt importer into Australasia, brought out a jeroboam bottle of Australis 1998 Romanov Baltic Stout. This is a beer that was brewed at the Galbraiths Alehouse in Auckland by Keith Galbraith and Ben Middlemass under the brand Australis. I first sought out Galbraiths searching for the Australis beers as they were featured in Jackson 500, by that time the partnership behind the Australis brand had broken up. Several vintages of the Romanov Baltic Stout had been brewed however and last on in cellars around the world. Getting to taste this beer was one of the best thing that has happened to me in months!

Australis Romanov Baltic Stout 7.8%
Pours a pitch black with a vibrant tan / beige head. Warm aromas of creamy fruit, raisins and a hint of alcohol, there is a oxidisation note but not one that detracts from the profile, on the contrary it gives it character. Chocolate, malt sweetness and good substantial mouthfeel characterise the palate. The beer leads out on a smooth balanced finish that features both malt, alcohol and bitterness in perfect sync.

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Greig McGill said...

Indeed, I was lucky enough to get a couple of bottles of this a few years back when they had just been casually placed in the cooler at Galbraiths, as if there was nothing unusual about it! I really wish I still had some, as they were beautiful.