Saturday, March 8, 2008

Valley Summer Ales Fest 08

What a fantastic night. Good beer, good food, good people. Thanks to all who brewed and to all came to drink and to Dave Batt who designed the Menus and then was to ill to attend. Cheers.


O-Street Festive Gold 4.6%abv (dry hopped Golden Ale)

O-street Somerset 5%abv (Golden Ale)

O-Street Chilka IPA 5.8%abv (Hoppy IPA)

Brendan’s Kitchen Sink Lager 5.3%abv (fruity lager)

Front Porch APA 6.7%abv (strong New World hopped pale ale)

Front Porch 60 4.2%abv (Scottish style session beer)

Emerson’s Bookbinder (NZ hopped New World Ordinary Bitter, pro brewer)

Plus various bottles from Ed.


Martin said...

I'm very jealous - it sounds like quite an event.

Last night I sampled the Saltaire Goldings you brought me - what a superb beer! I've done a quick RateBeer review.

Stonch said...

This looks like such a great event. Kieran, all credit to you - such is your dedication to proper beer and pub culture, you've recreated it in Kiwiland!

Any plans to open a brewpub commercially one day?

Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

Cheers Stonch.

That would be a pipe dream yes, large amounts of fund required however.

Something like this

is more seriously on the cards