Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Years First Mild

It’s slowly starting to feel like autumn. Last night I tapped the first corny of Mild for the year. Primed with dark sugar this batch of Masons Mild is exceptionally rummy and fruity with good body and mouth feel for a 3.5% beer. I knew that a mild would be a real test for the US-05 yeast. With a low gravity demanding some fruit esters to give it interest common opinion was the US-05 would be to clean and simple.

On the contrary, I have found the yeast to give my ales a distinctive honey ester and while the dark sugar is no doubt contributing the rummy character to the Mason’s I suspect the berry and dried fruit notes are from the yeast. So far so good.


Paul Garrard said...

I'm bemused by CAMRA's insistance that 'May is Mild Month' - whilst there's nothing wrong with drinking mild all year round, it's a drink I prefer in the cooler months.

Barry Hannah said...

I have a mild on tap right now, a repeat of my gold medal effort. Shaping up superbly. Any season/week/day is mild day to me, it's the quintissential everyday drink.