Monday, May 12, 2008

Fulham 1 Portsmouth 0!!!!

I came home tonight and celebrated the succesful end to Fulham's relegation line dance with a pint of Fullers 1845. Its so much more fun at the bottom of the league , so much more to fight for.


I support Fulham as that is where my grandma came from.


Anonymous said...

Good on ya mate. I come from the home of McBride and have been a follower of Fulham since he arrived. Bless the house now that I'm inside. I was looking for a beer on the web and found this. Glad to see FFC stay up. Hoo - Ray. Keep it up. Have not had a decent bitter since 1972 when I left for the states. Good site. Thanks.

Detchon said...

nothing beery happening in your world kieran? hope you haven't been badly sick or summit?

Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

Bloody Telstra!! I havent had internet in about a month!!! What what was meant to be a simple change of accounts has turned into a serious mare!! Im writting this on Sarahs dial up.

Theres been heaps happening, I have lots written ready to post , I just have to hope it gets sorted out soon.

Barry Hannah said...

Was just about to email and ask you if everything was alright Kieran - you've been mighty quiet of late. Now I know why. Looking forward to all that saved up stuff.

Boak said...

Ditto. Glad to see you're still with us!