Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Toast to my ISP

Well after an inexplicably long time in the wilderness I’m back! The simple act of changing broadband from one person’s name to another seems to have sparked off a process which left me internet less for the best part of a month! So a pint of light struck Corona to my ISP and a sigh of relief that I’m back in the blogging business. In the next wee while I have pieces on cider, the breweries I visited while judging in Nelson (in particular NZ’s newest real ale brewery) and the details of this years Valley Winter Ales Fest that’s coming up. Time to read 200 odd emails and check out the blogs.


Tandleman said...

Good to have you back on line Kieran

Paul Garrard said...

Yes welcome back. I've had a few problems with getting online/emails of late so can sympathise. I've just gone for some mobile broadband as back-up!