Tuesday, July 6, 2010

R.S.B. - Day One

I step off the plane to an icy Dunedin morning. It’s the shortest day and I’m excited, not only because of the 3 days of fun with stainless that lies ahead of us but also because I love this city in the winter. Richard Emerson is there to pick me and Jed the photographer up. As always he is positively bubbling over with enthusiasm. As we drive through the rural hinterland that divides Dunedin from its airport Richard chats about other brewers, the weather, and how quickly the provincial airport is growing. We quickly find ourselves at the brewery , the warm smells of fresh bready malt fill the air as we sip coffee from large mugs and chat with Production Manager Chris O’Leary or Father for short. Then it’s into overalls, and gumboots and the weighing of grain begins, the old mill is started and we crush the grain, cleaning, cleaning and some more cleaning, yeast is fed and stainless tanks are doused in caustic before we head off to a prolonged lunch and several pubs. Japanese Restaurant for dinner another pub, degassed Fullers London Porter from the handpump divine, a refreshing walk to the motel, talk made easy by drink, alarm set for 5 and a good night’s sleep.

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