Thursday, August 21, 2008

But for the length of the earth …

Today my blog turns one, or is it tomorrow? It gets so confusing when bloggers date is set somewhere in the northern hemisphere and I am very much in the south. Timing is not the only problem with running a blog concerned with English beer that isn’t based in England. The tyranny of distance means that often I end up writing about my own homebrewed efforts, or bottled products when what I really want to be writing about is the cask, and the pub. Oh well enough with the grumbling, life here is pretty good, the sun is shinning, there is a cellar full of beer, a closet full of fermentors, and a bar in my lounge.

Hopefully over the last year I have presented a different perspective on the world of English beer, I have certainly grown my beard and my belly in the process. The year to come promises to be exciting with a trip to the UK planned, the building of a dedicated brewery on the side of the house and possibly a bar above it thus freeing up the living areas of the house for more domesticated uses.

Cheers and good health!



Greig McGill said...

That does sound exciting! Congrats on making it to one. Yours is one of the blogs I look forward to reading the most. Alex and I both get excited when our RSS feeds tell us there's a new entry.

Keep writing. And brewing. :)

Martin said...

Nice one matey - good luck with the plans for world beer domination. As Greig says, your blog always has some interesting and entertaining stuff.

Boak said...

Happy birthday! It certainly is interesting to read about beer from the other side of the world.

Whorst said...

I've come to the conclusion that I hate beer blogs, but I think you're alright. At least your stuff is about actual brewing. Anyway, change that picture of yourself. You look a tad bit like a chav, with the hoodie and all.

I'll be creating my own ANTI-BLOG shortly, where I'll be giving my perspective of the whole thing and selling t-shirts with profound statements on them.

I'll raise my glass to you Mr. KHM, for not being a prick, and being a good sport.



yalnikim said...

Happy birthday Chav, I mean chap.
Nice work Kieran - love everything you do.

If you want to keep it up - don't have kids... or become a treasurer, or work full time, or start a malt supply business, or train for a 320km bike ride, or get a dog, or brew commercially, or talk to anyone!

And definitely don't do those things if you want to keep brewing.

See you one Thursday.

Slainte mhath

Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

Cheers all

I couldn't care less if I look like a 'chav' (I think the concept is a bit alien to these shores) a 'bird in the beard CAMRA type' a train spotter or anything else, I am what I am.

Its all a little bit late Stu, I tick the working full time box, I am inheriting kids, and a dog, but its all good. 4.30am mash in's are awesome.

Matt said...

Congratulations on the annivesary.

Having an interest in cask ales when your not in the UK can be a bit of a trial. My homebrew also seems to fill the void all the more so sense my engine has the traditional spout!

Keep up the fine blog and I look forward to the reports on the trip back to the Motherland.

Jeremy H said...

Happy anniversary for 21st of August Kieran. Have enjoyed reading your blog which has helped focus both my beer interest and brewing. Keep it going...

Next time you are in Auckland Town I'll shout you a few pints of Bob Hudson in lieu of a annual reader subscription.