Wednesday, December 3, 2008

By a whisker!

But the trophy is returned to its rightful place.

Last night my team, White Rino successfully defended our title as Champions at the 2008 Regional Wines and Spirits Beer Options competition. Last year we romped in demolishing the competition, this year things were a lot tighter, until the last beer we trailed the leaders in a tight pack sliding between second equal and third equal. However on the last beer our training paid off, the beer in question was St Josephs, a sweet Belgian style triple from Moa, and it had been one of the beers we had trained on and we mounted a comeback like Fulham facing relegation.

Beer Options is an annual quiz where beers are served blind and multiple choice questions are asked about them. Gareth is a member of the team however he was on call and his pager went so he wasn’t there for the victory and photo.


Greig McGill said...

Congratulations! Told you I was waiting for the blog post! ;)

yalnikim said...

Well done fellas!

Kempicus said...

Congrats guys!!

ciceronito said...

please expound regarding the details of the competition... quite interested.... grats on the championship and cool trophy