Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CT Column 18/08/2010 : A drop of Majesty

LAST year Wellington’s Yeastie Boys Brewing Co released their first bottled beer.
Named His Majesty, it was the first of two annually released bottled beers presented in 750ml champagne bottles. Last year His Majesty took the form of a strong hoppy India Pale Ale. This month sees the launch of the second part to the annual release, named Her Majesty, it forms a malty ying to His Majesty’s Hoppy yang.
Each year His and Her Majesty will be different, although His Majesty will always be a hoppy style while Her Majesty will delve into richer, softer more malt accented territory. This brand of “concept brewing” is exactly what we have come to expect from the Yeastie Boys who often take influence from the world of music for their names and branding.
Her Majesty is in fact the name of an album by one of Yeastie Boy Brewer, Stu McKinlay’s favourite bands The Decemberists.
Her Majesty 2010 is a style bending beer that combines the soft earthy toasted malt character of a brown porter with a Belgian yeast and the strength of a Belgian Dubbel. By my reckoning that makes it a Belgian Imperial Brown Porter or in other words unique.
Pouring a very dark brown with a creamy tan head, Her Majesty 2010 offers up aromas of earthy chocolate, orchard fruit and a subtle underpinning of spicy incense. In the mouth there is a prominent malty sweetness with a cocoa tinge, red apple fruit and a hint of Christmas spice.
Her Majesty is gloriously rich and soft making for a refreshing alternative to the massively hopped beers that are currently all the rage. In fact Stu jokes it is so “lightly hopped that I’ve advised some hopheads to seek medical advice before trying it!”
As a lover of rich malt accented beers I’ll drink to that.

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