Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CT Column 4/08/2010 : A Cup of Old Stingo

FOR the last 18 months contract brewing has been the leading trend in New Zealand craft brewing.
With the release of their first beer “Stingo”, the Malthouse has now entered the beer brewing game.
To modern ears Stingo might seem an unusual name for a beer however it’s a very traditional Northern English term for strong ale.
What is unusual about this particular Stingo is that it’s not all that strong. Malthouse proprietor Colin Mallon decided he wanted the first Malthouse brew to be in the style of the beers he remembered from his youth in Scotland.
Stingo is a malt accented light golden coloured session beer brewed in a Scottish style known as 80 Shilling. Colin says many people were surprised that he chose such a malt accented subtle style when big hoppy beers are all the rage at the moment.
Colin says he wanted to provide something different from his suppliers, the sort of beer he could drink all day.
Stingo has a nutty malt aroma with a hint of spicy hop. In the mouth there’s light caramel, sweet whole grain malt flavours and a firm drying finish. Stingo is limited release that only available from the Malthouse. Get a round in while you can.

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