Tuesday, November 23, 2010

CT Column 25/08/2010 :From Mild to massive

WHEN Michael Jackson the famous beer writer (not the moon walking one) toured New Zealand in the 1990s, one of the beers that captured his imagination was Mikes Mild Ale from the Organic White Cliffs Brewery in Urenui on the Taranaki Coast.
White Cliffs was founded in 1989 by Mike Johnson, since then it has passed through several owners and now is in the safe hands of the Trigg Family who emigrated from Zimbabwe.
The flagship product, Mikes Mild, has been rechristened Mikes Ale. Whatever the name the beer is a malt accented 4%abv session beer with a biscuit, lightly cocoa flavoured malt profile and a dry smooth finish that can be found around town in bars like Liquidate, Hashigo Zake or Plum Cafe (poured from Mikes own ingenious bar mounted mini keg dispensers).
The Triggs have expanded the White Cliff range which now includes a Helles lager, a Pilsner, a whisky barrel aged Porter and now perhaps one of the least “mild” beers in the country, a strong Imperial India Pale Ale.
Imperial India Pale Ale is the ultimate “hop head” style packing in as much fruity new world hop character as possible.
Mikes India Pale Ale is a 9%abv golden hued ale that packs in a considerable amount of resinous fruity hop flavour and aroma over a lightly biscuit and nutty malt body with a long fruity but not overly bitter finish.
Striking aromas of lychee, pineapple, citrus, passionfruit and melon give way to a tangy fruity cocktail of tropical flavours on the palate and a smooth finish.
Mike’s India Pale Ale is available on tap at Hashigo Zake, and in 750ml bottles from the Malthouse and Regional Wines and Spirits.

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