Monday, August 27, 2007

A day of First's football and beer

Yesterday saw the birth of something wonderful, Phoenix FC, Wellingtons first professional football team. Football plays 3rd or 4th best in this country with most attention going to the thuggish oval ball game invented by public school boys. Anyway the Phoenix have had an amazing start with much preseason success and managed to turn out an extremely exciting performance securing a 2 goal draw to Champions of the league the Melbourne Victory.

Before we headed to the match a freind and fellow beer enthusiast/homebrewer Brendan brought a box of beer round to have a tasting. Its important to prime yourself well before a visit to the stadium as the beer options are Tui or Amstel Light, or Heineken if you have a ticket to the ritzier lounge. Brendan pulled out an outstanding selection which featured many beers I had never had and had always wanted to. It also allowed me to make a few ticks.
The tasting list went like this

  • Banks Original Mild
  • Wentworth Oatmeal Stout
  • Daleside Chocolate Stout
  • Irish brewed Guinness
  • O'harra's Celtic Stout
  • Hook Norton Double Stout
  • Anchor Porter
  • Epic Porter (experimental unreleased)

I will post some tasting notes for a couple of the more interesting beers we tasted in the days to come.

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