Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Real Micheal Jackson Passes Away

I was woken this morning by a phone call, it was the beer writer Geoff Griggs, He told me that Micheal Jackson had passed away and wanted some help posting the news to the blog.

This is very sad news, Micheal Jackson was a real pioneer in writing about beer in a popular yet intellegent form. He helped launch my interest in beer when I stumbled upon the 1988 edition of the New World Guide to Beer in a secondhand book store and took it home to devour with several glasses of my first homebrew all those years ago. Reading his book it quickly became clear that the so called "Bock" kit was anything but.
That winters afternoon by the fire with a beer and Mr Jasckson changed my life as much as my first sip of Emersons Porter on the Tairi Gorge Railway did.
Rest in Peace MJ, I hope its not Miller your being passed.

Here is Micheal's last column

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Anonymous said...

i think i know the bock kit you mean! i can't even remember the brand now but the labels seemed relatively attractive. i guess it was what you would call an 'american bock' rather than a german one.

sad news indeed.