Saturday, July 5, 2008

Carbon Hop Print

Living at the arse end of the world we can’t afford to get to wound up about carbon miles. Our economy relies on exports and my beer passion relies on imports. Still while our clean green image is mainly fiction it is true that New Zealand’s non-intensive farming does in many cases use less carbon including the shipping than Northern Hemisphere farming does just down the road from the market. Anyway what has got me rambling about food miles? well Boak and Bailey and Pete Brown have both recently written about an American Beer Festival that’s been running at the Sloany Pony, it interested me that the second beer in the list was a cask conditioned version of Sierra Nevada’s Southern Hemisphere Harvest Ale, one of the first American beers to come out of the new interest in the states with Kiwi hops. It’s quite a globe trot from Nelson, to Chico to London but if I was in London I would certainly be getting a pint.

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