Saturday, July 19, 2008

Winter 08

Ah what a weekend! It started with the West Coast IPA Challenge on Thursday. Epic Brewing Co and Hallertau Brewbar both brewed an American style IPA Epic using imported ingredients, Hallertau using local ingredients, the results were put to the test back to back at the Malthouse. Then Friday saw International Brewers Day Celebrated with the unveiling of the commercially brewed SOBA Homebrew Champion Bock again at the Malthouse.

Saturday was the big day and despite heavy rain we still had a house full of punters. The beers were flowing and the food disappeared in record time (note to self, more grub next year!) Thanks to all who helped out by brewing, working bar, designing menus and to all who came to drink. A fantastic night. Right I’m off to lull my hangover with an episode of The Power of Art.

p.s. the sparkler seen on the beer engine was for Stanley Green a pale ale from pro brewer Invercargell Brewing Co. The beer was served from a plastic bladder in a cardboard box and was totally flat requiring the 'bling'.


Greig McGill said...

Fantastic night, thanks Kieran! :)

Dan said...

Hoity toity spectacularr. Thanks for a great night Kieran!

yalnikim said...

Can't wait for next year, it'll be on my calendar for sure!

No need to explain a sparkler Kieran. Anyone who has a problem with it just has a closed mind. I'm happy either way - it's really all about the beer and the people, and a sparkler is more something to talk about than a real concern (either way).