Saturday, July 26, 2008


In 1999 Neo Nazi David Copeland was terrorizing London with nail bombs, the world was looking forward with trepidation to the coming millennium, the absolute dross that is ‘Shakespeare In Love’ was taking out an Oscar, bombs were falling on Kosovo, Labour took control of the New Zealand Parliament, I was in my first year at University, Fulham achieved promotion to the Premiership and Fullers were brewing one hell of a beer.

My mate Pete was in the UK recently to attend a wedding. In addition to tracing his Scottish roots, catching a Radiohead show and doing some sight seeing he also managed a Fullers Brewery tour and a trip to the Ealing Beer Festival. From the Fullers shop be brought me a bottle of Fullers 1999 Vintage Ale. This, the oldest beer I have ever drunk, I imbibed with Sarah last night. It was extremely good.

Fullers Vintage Ale 1999 8.5%abv

Pours murky amber with a healthy white head. Aroma features a heady complex mix of stone fruit, particularly apricot, orange fruit, nutty chewy malt, barley sugar and a hint of fortified wine. On the palate there is a velvety smooth mouthfeel, nutty rich malt, reminiscent of Tom Hardy’s, dry barley sugar, orange fruit, a hint of warm Xmas cake spice all leading to an incredibly rounded smooth finish. Knock out beer!

Cheers Pete!


Paul Garrard said...

I've got a bottle of it from around this date - at what point do you drink it?
It's always a dilema: keep or drink.

Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

10 years is probably a good target. I just had the 2002 and it was good but not as fantastic as the 99. incniq

Bailey said...

Yes, Shakespeare in Love was toss.

There's something a bit poignant about all these vintage ales being drunk. When you'd finished, and had the time of your life, did you think "I wish I had saved that"?

Seize the day and all that, I guess.