Saturday, July 12, 2008

Manning the Taps…

…Well we will be in a week’s time. I have spent today rearranging the bar for next weeks festival and setting up the extra beer engines that I have borrowed for the event. 6 of the seven engines that will be used next week are now in place. Time for a pint of Revival Stout to reward me for my work I think. There is something very satisfying about running a beer festival, I highly recommend it!


Greig McGill said...

I'm getting excited now! The Brass Monkey ESB is tasting "not bad", though I'm not sure that wine gums and black cherries are totally appropriate flavours... ;)

Dan said...

7 engines!


Where did all these come from?

adam said...

The seven engines of beazlebub!
Oh man I'm excited.

On just this Friday of last Dan and I enjoyed some rather tastey Monkey Point IPA as a lead up to this weekend...

dried figs, popcorn and rubber!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy yourselves chaps and take no prisoners!

I must say that brewing ales for a thirsty bunch beer lovers makes me really nervous. Nervous until I've had the first tester pint and know they're OK. It's only then I can kick back and enjoy myself.

There is no feeling quite like getting the thumbs up from your brewing peers.


Kieran Haslett-Moore said...

I'm very glade to have you aboard Greig.

Adam, pop corn and rubber ? sounds like a nasty case of DMS.

Dan, the extra engine have come on loan from freinds.

Its going to be awesome!

Barry Hannah said...

Have a fabulous time gentlemen. Cheers one and all.